Thank You to Everyone Who Attended Multifamily Live 2023! The Event is Now Over... But Stay Tuned for More Events, Trainings, and Other Resources!

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Multifamily Live 2023
JUNE 1-3, 2023 | FRANKLIN, TN

 At this 3-day event you'll learn everything you need to know…

 And connect with the partners you need to meet… acquire your first (or next) multifamily property.

With so much volatility in the economy today…

Inflation, the stock market crashing, banks failing, interest rates running wild…

…right now is the best time to get into multifamily real estate.

On June 1-3, hundreds of people will come together in one room to build relationships and learn things like...
  • How to find the right properties…
  • How to analyze deals in today's economy…
  • How to make confident offers…
  • Where to get funding…
  • How to connect with partners and bring other investors on board…
  • Value-add strategies to maximize profit…
  • How to overcome fear and doubt…
  • ​Mindset breakthroughs...
…and much more.
There’s networking, panels, market updates, systems and tools and tips on how to build a team and scale your business...


No matter your past experience, there is something here that will take your multifamily real estate business to the next level—whatever that looks like for you.

We hold this event just ONCE per year.

And it’s the one event that serious investors don’t miss.

The wealthiest people in the world consistently turn to multifamily real estate again and again to protect their money, grow their net worth, and increase their income—regardless of what’s happening in the economy.
If you want to build long-term wealth…

With steady cash flow that you can retire on…

…then your focus should be multifamily real estate.

This is where the experts are putting their money.

(Because they know what’s coming.)

Come join us at this immersive 3-day event and get ready to change your life through the power of multifamily real estate.

See you at Multifamily Live!
Tap into the marketing strategies, funding hacks, underwriting formulas, financial metrics, and growth plans that investors are using to acquire 100’s of units every year.
Meet and network with the partners, sponsors, investors, lenders, and industry insiders who can massively accelerate your business (even if you’re a complete beginner).
Build your team, systematize your business, and expand into multiple markets and asset classes without getting in over your head or risking your investors’ capital. Your financial legacy starts here!

Here are just a few of the things you'll get from this 3-day experience...

  • Never doubt your numbers again—you’ll always know when a deal is a deal, and you won’t be worried about unexpected problems coming up after you buy a property.
  • Access to unlimited funding—you’ll have the connections and the skills to raise millions of dollars from other investors, letting you close huge deals without relying on your own cash.
  • Confidence—you’ll know exactly what to say, what questions to ask, and how to position yourself as a serious investor even if you’re completely new to multifamily investing.
  • Clear action plan—you’ll leave Multifamily Live knowing exactly what to do next. No more scrolling through forums or aimlessly watching YouTube videos!

You’ll emerge CONFIDENT in yourself and CONNECTED with a powerful network, ready for MASSIVE GROWTH.

At Multifamily Live, you’ll learn the exact steps of the multifamily investing process…

...and you’ll meet hundreds of investors eager to show you the ropes (if you're new) or partner with you on your next project (if you're already doing deals and looking for more)!

What Future Will You Create For Yourself and Your Family?

If you're ready for true freedom... financial stability... and time to do what you love with the people you love... then multifamily real estate investing is for you.

What You'll Get at This Event...

Learn proven systems to uncover off-market multifamily properties with huge cash flow... connect with 100's of investors and partners who will fund your deals... and network with the experts who will "open doors" for you...

 Market Selection

How to identify exact neighborhoods in the path of progress and what specific market trends to look for when choosing a target area so your property gains value. This isn’t guesswork—there are specific things you can look for to determine if you’re buying in the “right area” or not!

 Sourcing Deals

How to find off-market properties that are undervalued, mismanaged, and ready to be turned around for immediate profit and long-term cash flow! Plus, how to approach brokers and what to look to identify the “good” deals other investors are missing…

 Underwriting and Deal Analysis

Which numbers you need to know, where to get real performance data on the properties you’re analyzing, what formulas to use to calculate returns in different scenarios, how to create a “repositioning plan” to add massive value in as little as 6 months, and more!

 Raising Funds

Which numbers you need to know, where to get real performance data on the properties you’re analyzing, what formulas to use to calculate returns in different scenarios, how to create a “repositioning plan” to add massive value in as little as 6 months, and more!

 Loans and Lenders

Which numbers you need to know, where to get real performance data on the properties you’re analyzing, what formulas to use to calculate returns in different scenarios, how to create a “repositioning plan” to add massive value in as little as 6 months, and more!

 Asset Management

Which numbers you need to know, where to get real performance data on the properties you’re analyzing, what formulas to use to calculate returns in different scenarios, how to create a “repositioning plan” to add massive value in as little as 6 months, and more!

 Depreciation and Tax Benefits

How to maximize savings for yourself, your partners, and the people funding your deals! This is one of the best parts of multifamily investing, and when you understand it, bringing investors on board is easy—they’ll be looking for you and begging to get in on the action.

 ​Sales and Negotiation Skills

Learn the exact word tracks to use and what to say to position yourself as a serious investor when talking to brokers and sellers—even if you’re never bought a multifamily building before. Plus, how to structure your offer so sellers can’t wait to say yes and negotiate “below-asking-price” deals with “extra” equity built in from day one!

 ​Exit Strategies

If you don’t want to keep the building long-term, we’ll break down how to exit at the highest point possible, letting you maximize profit on every deal—even if you’ve only owned the property for as little as 6 months.


How to overcome your own fear and doubt so you can take CONFIDENT action every day instead of holding yourself back. (This is the most important factor in your future success, but many investors ignore it or think it’s just woo-woo nonsense.)

 Growth and Scaling

Your journey from 0 units to 1,000+ units and beyond start here, at Multifamily Live—and we’ll break down how to launch and grow your multifamily real estate investing business the right way so you can tap into UNLIMITED DEALS, ENDLESS CASH FLOW, and LIFE-CHANGING WEALTH that will rewrite your legacy for GENERATIONS TO COME!

Meet the Speakers...


The dynamic husband-and-wife team behind the Multifamily Live podcast, Jason and Pili have acquired more than 2,000+ multifamily units through their company Yarusi Holdings! They're experts at repositioning "problem" properties, and with their extensive background and creative strategies, they keep hitting grand-slam deals in multiple markets!

"I wasn’t taking a lot of action… but when I met Jason and Pili, that changed. They were easy to talk to and very knowledgeable. They’ll help you out with whatever you need and also hold you accountable to take action! If you want to get into multifamily real estate investing, this is a great first step to take." - Patrick



Chad King is the owner of Titan Capital Group and currently owns 648 multifamily units. He’s a deal structuring and negotiation expert with an unparalleled ability to create win-win deals where everyone gets what they want. Chad is a master at hunting down off-market properties, connecting with sellers, and uncovering hidden growth opportunities. His insights are invaluable!

“Chad is a rock star—he knows how to navigate a deal better than anyone, he’s an expert at sales and negotiation, and he knows exactly what to say to get brokers and sellers to open up. When he explains things, it’s like everything suddenly clicks. Love learning from him!” - Isaac


Bill is a Navy pilot, real estate investor, the CEO and owner of 7 Figure Flipping, and the host of the 7 Figure Flipping Podcast, where he leads the top house flipping and wholesaling mentoring groups in the world. He built one of the largest real estate wholesaling and flipping businesses in the nation, Blackjack Real Estate. He’s passionate about making his money work for him and helping others do the same!

“I think the coolest thing I got from Bill... on top of the strategies and the tactical stuff he gave me... is he taught me how to THINK like an entrepreneur. This completely changed my mindset. I know what's possible and what I'm capable of... and this is just the beginning!" - J.W.

Who is This Event For?

Whether you’re new to real estate investing altogether… or you’re a single-family investor… or you’ve been buying apartment buildings for years… there’s SOMETHING holding you back from getting to the next level.

(Whatever the “next level” is for you.)

Multifamily Live is about BREAKING THROUGH.

This event is for...

1: New and experienced multifamily investors who want to do MORE deals with LESS hassle while keeping BIGGER profits on the front end AND the back end of every deal.

2: Single-family real estate investors, landlords, house flippers, wholesalers, and other active investors who want to expand or transition into multifamily investing.

3: High-income earners and members of corporate America who want to put their money to work and get secure, passive returns from real estate.

4: Beginners looking for a way to increase their income and build wealth... and anyone interested in unlocking the potential of multifamily real estate investing!

What Will You Achieve?

The stuff you'll learn at Multifamily Live works in the "real world," not just on stage. Check out what some of our attendees from last year are doing!

If you're ready for results like this, come join us at Multifamily Live!

Frequently Asked Questions

 What Are the Dates and Times of the Event?

The event is happening June 1-3, 2023. This will be a full 3-day event. The times will be announced closer to the date of the event, but plan to set aside the majority of each day to attend everything! Plan to arrive in Franklin, TN the day before the event and leave the day after, as these 3 days will be PACKED!

 Will the Event Be Recorded?

We don't sell recordings of our events. This is happening in real time, and you need to be there in person to be part of the action!

 Where is Multifamily Live Taking Place?

Multifamily Live is happening at the Franklin Marriott Cool Springs in Franklin, TN. Make sure to stay at the venue so you can get the most out of the event and be present for networking and fun!

 Do I Need to Buy a Second Ticket if My Business Partner or Spouse Wants to Attend?

Yes, each ticket allows 1 person to enter the event. If you want to bring a spouse or business partner, you'll find an option to purchase 2 or even 3 tickets on the order form when you sign up. If you'd like to purchase more than 3 tickets, reach out to us at!

 Got Questions? Need Help With Your Order? Want to Talk to Someone Before You Sign Up?

It's easy to reach out to the Multifamily Live team. Just shoot an email over to and we'll help!
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